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Bit Dungeon

Bit Dungeon game

The top down action RPG genre made famous by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda gets another interesting homage in the pseudo-hardcore game: bit Dungeon (yep, the stylized name literally has full lowercase for bit). This game promises deep gameplay with its’ combination of terms such as roguelike and permanent death, but in the end, we will have to call it as it is: bit Dungeon is basically an NES-era style game that mimics Zelda without the savegame feature. So does that make this game the purchasing price? It all depends on what you have already played and what you have not.

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Dungeon Field

Dungeon Field game

With the popularity of games like Minecraft and Terraria, the genre of world building games has been expanding constantly across a wide variety of gaming platforms. Dungeon Field is one of the most in-depth and carefully designed world building games for the web browser –which makes it a great entry point for people who wish to foray into the gaming style but are a little hesitant about shelling out for the titles on other platforms; at the same time, it also provides a significantly good enough gameplay to serve as a great time-filler for core gamers looking for a quick and accessible browser-based gaming fix.

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Crystal Story

Crystal Story game

The JRPG market is pretty saturated with some of the most hardcore console titles ever made, Crystal Story is a western-made RPG that tries to embody the essence and spirit of a JRPG but does away with most of the heavy content that the genre is known for. The result is a pretty fun, straightforward, turn-based, menu driven RPG with plenty of heart and a lot of space for players to play around with. If you are a first time RPG player or someone who has already saved the world a countless number of virtual times, this game is a good change of pace.

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Crystal Story 2

Crystal Story 2 game

With the witch Rita’s summon Darkon defeated, the hero Hiro has been able to take the fame and glory for her defeat (thanks to the original player party who gave up all the credits for the win and instead took the cash prize instead). Now an all new adventure awaits players as the sky opened up and shattered while a new hero rises from the chaos. Crystal Story 2 is no longer the silly RPG that the original was, while it still continues a familiar flavor of lighthearted humor, the story has taken a much deeper tone and the gameplay has become one that even core players would appreciate.

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Legend of Void

Legend of Void game

If you're sick of fighting your battles the old fashioned way in real time, with everything happening the moment you expect it to and enemies coming over to stab you in the back, then Legend of Void's turn-based combat could be just your cup of herbal tea. An RPG with heart, Legend of the Void allows you to explore the landscape and enter into turn-based battle with your opponents, bringing honour and decency back to the battlefield. Don't worry, there's still a massive amount of blood.

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Arcuz game

Fans of Zelda or Diablo will be right at home here: Arcuz is a delightful RPG involving exploration of your surrounding environment, battles with a variety of foes, and an upgrade/inventory system that can rival any RPG out there.

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Swords and Sandals Crusader

Swords and Sandals Crusader game

Swords and Sandals: Crusader is the latest in the doggedly persistent franchise that just doesn't seem to want to go quietly. This time around, you command an entire army of troops, taking it in turns to annex and occupy territories on a map, leading to some epic skirmishes when you clash with the opposition. It's fun, it's silly, but it's not quite the Swords and Sandals we know and love.

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